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Trump and the former President of Mexico acting like bitchy high school girls on social media. 

It’s like The West Wing meets Mean Girls.

What the world has come to.


I voted for affordable education.

How it will go down: tax payers will pay for the wall. People will start to question why they paid for the wall and when Mexico will be paying them back. Tr*mp will announce: “with no illegal Mexicans sneaking into the country you all can have jobs now! That’s how Mexico paid us back!”

People will not have more jobs and will *hopefully* quickly discover that illegal immigrants don’t steal their jobs, they actually work under illegal conditions, working well beyond the legal number of hours and getting paid well below minimum wage, under the table, with no benefits and since they are not legally entitled to work in America they have no legal recourse.

recall that . 

now, if not having undocumented workers were to result in every job in the US having at least minimum wage and decent working conditions, because they can’t be undercut by workers without any options, that’d be awesome. but it obviously will not. 

it’s also a massive tax hike on everyone, which in theory Republicans hate, but they hate brown people more. 

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